Cgrapher 4gcc


Extract activity diagrams from Linux kernel functions.

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Laurent Georget 03/2015

Cgrapher4gcc is a tool from the Kayrebt tool set. Its purpose is to extract automatically pseudo-UML2 activity diagrams from functions of the Linux kernel. The diagrams can be useful for software visualization, static analysis, etc.


Cgrapher4gcc receives two files as parameters : a file containing a list of functions to draw and a file containing a list of files to compile containing those functions (in order to avoid compiling the entire kernel to extract the graph of one or two functions).

Parameters: -s : the file containing the list of source files to compile (default: "sources") -f : the file containing the list of functions to graph (default: "functions") -k: do not remove temporary files at the end of the execution -t : select a different sources tree than the default one -V : select a specific commit in the kernel tree for diagram extraction (default: "master")


Cgrapher4gcc produces a graph under png format for each function in the function list file that was compiled.

03/08/2015 : Version 1.0, initial version

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