GATB-Minia-Pipeline is a de novo assembly pipeline for llumina data. It can assemble genomes and metagenomes. The pipeline consists of: Bloocoo (error correction), Minia (contigs assembly), BESST (scaffolding). See for additional information.

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In input :

In output :

06/02/2019 : Version 1.0, Test en enlevant /tmp

How to use our REST API :

Think to check your private token in your account first. You can find more detail in our documentation tab.

This app id is : 122

This curl command will create a job, and return your job url, and also the average execution time

files and/or dataset are optionnal, think to remove them if not wanted
curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X POST
-F job[webapp_id]=122
-F job[param]=""
-F job[queue]=standard
-F files[0]=@test.txt
-F files[1]=@test2.csv
-F job[file_url]=<my_file_url>
-F job[dataset]=<my_dataset_name>

Then, check your job to get the url files with :

curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X GET<job_id>