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translates a SQUALL question to a SPARQL query or update. SQUALL (Semantic Query and Update High-Level Query Language) is a controlled natural language (CNL), i.e. a fragment of English, that covers most features of SPARQL. SPARQL is the W3C standard query and update language of the Semantic Web. SQUALL and squall2sparql have been designed by Sébastien Ferré, in the LIS team.

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In input :

In output :

20/05/2016 : Version 1.0, initial version

How to use our REST API :

Think to check your private token in your account first. You can find more detail in our documentation tab.

This app id is : 125

This curl command will create a job, and return your job url, and also the average execution time

files and/or dataset are optionnal, think to remove them if not wanted
curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X POST
-F job[webapp_id]=125
-F job[param]=""
-F job[queue]=standard
-F files[0]=@test.txt
-F files[1]=@test2.csv
-F job[file_url]=<my_file_url>
-F job[dataset]=<my_dataset_name> https://allgo.inria.fr/api/v1/jobs

Then, check your job to get the url files with :

curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X GET https://allgo.inria.fr/api/v1/jobs/<job_id>