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Vehicle Routing Problem Solver.

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The code of this application follows the paper : A Bucket Graph Based Labeling Algorithm with Application to Vehicle Routing (R.Sadykov, E.Uchoa, A.Pessoa).

Problems Solved

This App uses RealOpt's BapCod Solver to produce optimal solution or best bounds for the following VRP Variants :

  • CVRP

Data formats

You may input data as usual litterature format.

Please find usual data at R.Sadykov's page.

Some oher data and CutOffValues can be found Here.

You may find best CufOffValues at Sadykov, Uchoa, Pessoa.

  • Remarks
    • For VRPTW Solomon Files' types
      • Please make sure that your instance name starts with a 'C' character.
      • Only integer entry data are supported for the 'DEMAND', 'READY DATE', 'DUE DATE' and 'SERVICE TIME' fields.

Optionnal Parameters

  • --cutOffValue= (float, Default = maxFloat.) : give a known solution value in order to speed resolution up.
  • --roundDistances= (bool, Default = false) : round distances to the nearest integer.
  • --jspritMaxIteration= (int, Default = 500) : maximum iterations of the initial solution heuristic Solver.


Find Attached in Allgo Output :

  • A Detailed Solution
  • A small resolution log containing solution value and bounds
    • bestDualBound : the best found Dual Bound.
    • bestIncumbent : the best found Incumbent bound (Solution Value).
    • bcCountNodeProc : Count of treated node int the Branch-Price-Cut tree.
    • bcTimeMain : Total Time spend in main function.
  • your instance file.
  • your instance file as read by BapCod.
  • The BCP Tree as pdf.


  • This RealOpt's BapCod Solver demontrator is limited to 1 hour computation time.
  • This RealOpt's BapCod Solver demontrator is limited to 4 Gb Ram memory utilisation.
  • If several instance files are uploaded, they will be separately solved with the same input parameters.


In input :



In output :


31/10/2018 : Version 1.3, Js Libraries3
02/05/2018 : Version 1.2,
23/03/2018 : Version 1.1, initial version

How to use our REST API :

Think to check your private token in your account first. You can find more detail in our documentation tab.

This app id is : 187

This curl command will create a job, and return your job url, and also the average execution time

files and/or dataset are optionnal, think to remove them if not wanted
curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X POST
-F job[webapp_id]=187
-F job[param]=""
-F job[queue]=standard
-F files[0]=@test.txt
-F files[1]=@test2.csv
-F job[file_url]=<my_file_url>
-F job[dataset]=<my_dataset_name> https://allgo.inria.fr/api/v1/jobs

Then, check your job to get the url files with :

curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X GET https://allgo.inria.fr/api/v1/jobs/<job_id>