A||GO's web services can be used through command lines using cURL

First, check your private token on your account page , Second, the generic syntax to execute the web service is the one below.

curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X POST -F job[webapp_id]=<service_id>
    -F job[param]='' -F files[0]=@<path_to_file0> -F files[1]=@<path_to_file1>
    -F job[file_url]=<your_file_url>
    -F job[dataset]=<dataset_name>

This request will return you, either the errors, or if it's ok, your job_id and the average execution time for this app.

Third, check the resulting job to get the url files with :
curl -H 'Authorization: Token token=<your_private_token>' -X GET https://allgo.inria.fr/api/v1/jobs/<job_id>
with <job_id> the job number returned by the former cURL command.

This command will give you the list of your files, so you can download them