How to make an entrypoint for an allgo algorithm

The entrypoint is the file that will be launch by allgo.
The user has the possibility to pass files and parameters to your app.
Consider that the files the user send are in the same folder as your entrypoint. Your output files needs to be in the same directory as your entrypoint, the current directory. You don't need to modify your existing application to use it with allgo.

Here is an example :
In this example, our program is in python and our entrypoint is /home/allgo/

echo '' > files.log
for f in *.txt;
  /home/ninjaturtle/ -file $f -firstparam $1 > output.log

See ? We just encapsulate our app in a shell script, and we give it the parameters like a normal linux program.
Other example, imagine your app required 3 files, a .txt a .wav and a .csv, you can easily manage it in your entrypoint :

var_txt = *.txt
var_audio = *.wav
var_data = *.csv
/path/to/your/app --text $var_txt --audio $var_audio --data $var_data --output allgo_output.log