Add my app on A||go

This is a brief and simple tutorial about how you can deploy your app/algorithm on A||go. We try to make it really simple, so, if something looks complicated, send us an email.

Before started

Note that the required knowledge you need to have, is only how to install your app. We remind you that A||go only works for application without UI, running on linux, without workflow. You need to add your public SSH key in your profile, so you'll be able to access to your machine later.

Step 1: Beam me up, A||Go!

Go to this page you will find a basic form with the information we need to build your app. Enter the name, a short description, and, in the tags field, you can add the name of your research-team. The entrypoint is the file (usually a binary) that will be call to execute your application. The quota field refer to the amount of data that can be used, per user, for your app: If you allow a 50MB quota, an user will have the possibility to use 50 times your app with a 1MB file (25 times with a 2MB) This restriction is here to avoid abuse and spam. But for you, it's unlimited.
The default OS for your app is a Debian, you are free to choose another one. If the OS you require is not on the list, send us an email.
Your machines comes with a set of usual tools (nano, vim, less, ssh,...), but you'll be free to add anything you need (compiler, JRE, ...).

Step 2: Congratulations! You have created a new element.

The system is building your app, so it could take few minutes. During this time, you can add a Readme file, and demo files. Demo files are here to show to users what it needs in input, and what the result will be in output. A readme file is useful if you have many parameters in your application, explain how it works, how it can be used (Markdown language can be read). If nothing happens, in a really long time, try to refresh the page. Then, it'll display an adress to connect to your ssh access.

Step 3: Do, or do not. There is no “try”.

Connect with ssh at the provided adress. You're at home, so make it comfortable. You're the only one in this machine, you don't come in conflict with other scientists installations. So feel free to install whatever is needed. The file you choose has the entrypoint is already created, you can modify it or replace it. At the execution of your app in A||Go, the file(s) in input will be place at the same place as your Remember to redirect the output & the errors to files in the same folder. When it's done, go to step 4.

Step 4: Run, A||Go, run!

After installing your app, come back on the A||Go page.
Click the button "commit your work", and your app will be testable. It's time to test your app, go to your page application and create a job by uploading a file. If it works, it's great.
It it doesn't, it's not. But you can go back on your SSH connection to modify your app and test it again. Now that everything looks all right, click "publish my app".

Step 5: Enjoy the little things.

This is it! You just make your work accessible to anyone, congrats!